Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

$ 482,392
二手車 2021 430 km 自動波


全新現貨Tesla Model 3標準續航 Plus - 純黑色

Standard Range Plus為單馬後輪驅動設計,0-100km/h加速是5.6秒,極速可達225km/h,續航里程是430km。
有堅固的車身結構、均配備電動行李艙門、玻璃車頂和 Autopilot 自動輔助駕駛。全車黑色電鍍邊、全新中控台和車輪設計,加速速度更快續航距離更長功能更多!

Brand New Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus - Solid Black
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Standard Range Plus is a single-horse rear-wheel drive design. It accelerates from 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds, reaches a top speed of 225km/h, and has a cruising range of 430km.
It has a sturdy body structure equipped with electric luggage compartment doors, glass roof and Autopilot automatic driving assistance. The whole car has black electroplated edges, new center console and wheel design, faster acceleration, longer range, and more functions!

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  • 廠牌:Tesla
  • 型號:
    Model 3  Standard Range Plus
  • 年份:2021
  • 波箱:自動波
  • 燃料類型:純電
  • 公里數:430 km
  • 外部顏色:黑色
$ 482,392